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July 12th, 2009

photo_ellis_1_220About Ellis Traub

A leading investment software developer, lecturer, and author, Ellis Traub has dedicated more than two decades of his eclectic career to helping amateur investors master the strategies and enjoy the financial rewards of long-term fundamental investing.

Over those years, Ellis has championed and refined an investment methodology based upon the work of George A. Nicholson, one of the founders of the National Association of Investors Corporation (NAIC). This successful investment approach offers an elegantly simple method of assessing the quality of individual companies and determining a reasonable price to pay for their stock.

He has taught this methodology to thousands of people across the country and served as a regular lecturer on one of the major cruise lines. He has written many articles for print and on-line publications, and authored “Take Stock: A Roadmap to Profiting from your First Walk Down Wall Street,” published in Japan as well as in the United States and soon to be released here in its third edition.

From 1986 to 2003, Ellis was Founder and Chairman of the Board of Inve$tWare Corporation. His company developed and produced software products to implement that methodology, including the “Investor’s Toolkit,” NAIC’s official stock analysis program, and “Take Stock,” for the novice investor. In 2003, he sold Inve$tWare to Cambridge, Massachusetts-based ICLUBcentral, the nation’s foremost provider of fundamental stock analysis products and currently serves on the ICLUBcentral board of directors.

For more details about his life, you can read the first chapter of his book here.

Ellis been an active Life Member of both NAIC and AAII, (the American Association of Individual Investors) since 1991 and has contributed to the publications of both organizations.

An Eastern Air Lines pilot for 31 years, Ellis retired as a Lockheed 1011 Captain in 1987. Before that he was a US Marine Corps night fighter pilot with service in Korea.

Ellis is an alumnus of Harvard and Cornell Universities and lives with his wife, Dianne, in Davie, Florida.

Disclaimer: Mr.Traub has no direct financial interest in any of the products, services, or entities he may recommend, suggest, or mention from time to time. While he did design and develop earlier versions of some of the software products he may refer to or recommend; he derives no continuing financial benefit from their sale or use.

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